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6288 At This Stadium... F*ck their mothers! Playlist
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Lyrics: Οε οε οε, θρύλε ολέ ολέ ολέ, θρύλε παίξε γερά, παίξε με τσαμπουκά και ο κόσμος σου θα τραγουδά OzzyG Olympiacos Tue 17 Nov '15  · Re: Olympiacos Chant 10  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Lyrics: Κάθε πατέρας Παοκτζής έχει πουτάνα κόρη, έχει και ένα πούστη γιο που τον γαμάνε όλοι OzzyG Olympiacos Tue 17 Nov '15  · Re: Olympiacos Chant 2  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
lyri OzzyG Olympiacos Tue 17 Nov '15  · Re: Olympiacos Chant 2  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Stolen from Rodrikh8 Panathinaikos Wed 5 Aug '15  · Re: Olympiakos Hymne & You Are ...  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
den eimaste kala
tha valoume mualo
otan paroume kai to evropaiko
kai an den ginei auto
st arxidia mas ta duo
panta arrwstoi me ton Olympiako!
gate7kopite Olympiacos Sat 20 Sep '14  · Re: Olympiacos Chant 18  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Gamiste to Panathinaiko,
To pousti to dikefal' aeto,
Gamiste ta vorra, kai ola ta mounia,
Monaha etsi tha 'maste kala.
Ta kapnogona pernoune fotia,
Ta tympana varane dynata,
Kai ego sou tragoudo,
Yia sena mono zo
Gamiste ta mounia na trelatho
NS4W to follow...

translated for context...
(Commanding Olympiakos to) Fuck Panathinaikos, (and) the (motherfucking*) double-headed eagle**,
Fuck the north(ern teams), and all the other cunts,
only then will be well,
the flares catch fire,
the eardrums bang hard,
And I sing for you,
I only live for you,
(Now) fuck the(se) cunts so I can go nuts
* pousti actually means faggot, but the usage/context has evolved to resemble the American usage of "muthafucka," rather than a gay slur.
** double-headed eagle = AEK
Bokolis Liverpool Thu 27 Feb '14  · Re: Olympiacos Chant 19  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
This Chant actually starts at 19th second (after the OOOOh section)
Thryle mou Zoi..
Den xero ti tha Pi..
Mono Esena ego..
Eho sto Myalo..
Opou paizeis esi..
Tha mai kai ego mazi..
Na sou Tragoudo..
Poso s'agapo..
toli12 Olympiacos Thu 23 Jan '14  · Re: Ooooh Olympiakos  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Ta Kapnogona pernoun fotia...
Ta tympana varane dynata..
Kai ego yia sena Tragoudo..
Gia sena mono zo..
Gamiste ta mounia na Trelatho..
toli12 Olympiacos Thu 23 Jan '14  · Re: Olympiakos Chant 3  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Not a good copy - and incomplete but the words are:
Den Eimaste kala,
Kai Opou Paizeis Tha Valo Fotia,
Mou pires to Myalo,
Kai Pos tha Giatrefto,
Sta Arhidia mas e Batsi,
Sta Arhidia mas kai e Filaki..
Pantou Poutana ola gia na maste mazi..
toli12 Olympiacos Thu 23 Jan '14  · Re: Olympiakos Slow Clap Chant  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Sorry..theres more add to the end:
Thryle Ole,
Thryle Ole,
Opou kai an Paizeis,
toli12 Olympiacos Thu 23 Jan '14  · Re: Ole Ole  ·  Flag  ·  Reply

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