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Green and White football scarf
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Green and White football scarf
Hellas Eyrwpi Panathinaikos Panathinaikos Champion's League
Green and White football scarf
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Green and White football scarf
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Green and White football scarf

P.A.E. Panathinaikos

1976 Pan Ole Ole Ole

Epic sounding chant - please, please help with the lyrics

Chant of the Day Feb. 3, 2015

“Greek giants Panathanaikos 107 years old today!”
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Song Lyrics

Se gnorisa apo paidi mikro,
Panatha mu mu pires to myalo,
Megalosa den ginome kala,
Mazi su epatha ego zimia,
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Sta petala olokliris tis gis,
I dekatria tha ne opu vrethis,
Gia na kratai pada dinata,
Tin prasini simea mas psila,
Ma ena telefteo tha sas po,
Ke valte to kala mes to myalo,
Etsi opos mas thelete esis,
Pote mas de tha ginume emeis,
Kai pao ole ole ole ole,
Kai pao ole ole ole ole,
Kai pao ole ole ole ole,
Gia sena zo panathinaike...

Submitted by mex1689

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this is awesome on you tube, gate 13 channel full vid and pyrotechnics superhands71 Liverpool Sat 2 Nov '13  ·  Flag  ·  Reply

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